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Tour of Siak Sri Indrapura Palace

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    Sites of historic and cultural remains are always a tourist draw. Riau also has many well-preserved historical sites whose original buildings are still intact. One of these is Istana Siak (Siak Palace), a historic site of a Malay kingdom that once ruled over the whole of present-day Riau. Istana Siak Sri Indrapura was…

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Wamena – Exoticism of Papua

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Talking about Papua, always identic with beautiful beaches and natural. However, the Papua is more than just beautiful beaches. Wamena, offers something different from most eastern islands of Indonesia. At first, I thought that Baliem Valley is a special tourist destination, but in fact this entire place in Wamena is Baliem Valley itself. The position where…

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#SantikaQuiz – Photo Story

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Share your photos/images when you do traveling by creating an eye-catchy Photo-story to us. Rules: You can put your photos as many as you can in one Photo-story Your Photo-story should include the title, caption, location, and short description/story. You may write the short description in English or Indonesian. (See the sample) Your Photo-story will…

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