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Lumpia Durian – Crispy and Yet Melty Dessert

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                    Talked about dessert, it always reminds us about sweetness and joyful moments that could put a smile on our face. Hotel Santika Tasikmalaya really knows well about how one simple dessert could possibly completed a moment of your dinning experiences, by creating an uniquely dessert…

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Truly Inspiration at Hotel Santika Tasikmalaya

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Hotel Santika Tasikmalaya at a glance Nestled beneath the smouldering Galunggung volcano, deep in West Java’s mountainous Preanger region, Tasikmalaya is an important regional centre, and a major transit point on the trans-Java highway. Tasikmalaya is the city famous for its handicrafts, especially batik printed, silk, paper umbrellas, and hand-woven handbags. Household items ranging from…

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