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Truly Inspiration at Hotel Santika Tasikmalaya

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Hotel Santika Tasikmalaya at a glance Nestled beneath the smouldering Galunggung volcano, deep in West Java’s mountainous Preanger region, Tasikmalaya is an important regional centre, and a major transit point on the trans-Java highway. Tasikmalaya is the city famous for its handicrafts, especially batik printed, silk, paper umbrellas, and hand-woven handbags. Household items ranging from…

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Modernity in the Heart of Jakarta with Amaris Hotel Senen

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Since the down of Indonesia’s independence, Senen district has been Jakarta’s primary trading centre. On 17 April 17 2011, Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts announced Amaris Hotel Senen as 15th hotel within Amaris brand or 35th hotel within Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts With its modern design and interior, this smart hotel is equipped with…

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Hotel Santika Cirebon: A Business Hotel with the Resort Experience

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Located on the border between West and Central Java, Cirebon has become a place for acculturation of Javanese and Sundanese. The arrival of Arab and Chinese traders in the 13th century, added the cultural variation in the City of Cirebon, making it one of the most exotic cities in Indonesia. At this time, Cirebon was…

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