The Everlasting Batik Trusmi as A Part of Batik Cirebonan

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Batik is an ancestor heritage, which cannot be separated from the tradition of Indonesia nation. With the beauty of various design, the quality of natural color, also attractive motif that makes the traditional batik become very popular and be accepted not only by a lots of local community, but with the international community as well….

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Authentic Dish from Indonesia Culinary at Lumpang Emas

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The first time, when you set foot in Lumpang Emas, you will experience a traditional Indonesia ambiance, especially when you see the hanging pictures on the wall, which shows beautiful antiquity images of Indonesia culture and people. For the example, one of the walls features an image of traditional Javanese dancer, a woman who wearing…

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The Beauty of Sawarna Village

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Banten Province truly has something to offer when we talk about a perfect destination to enjoy the beautiful scene on holiday, or maybe as the best place to escape from the hustle and bustle that overwhelmed our mind and body when we are living in the city life.   Many places are worthy to be…

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