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The Everlasting Batik Trusmi as A Part of Batik Cirebonan

Batik is an ancestor heritage, which cannot be separated from the tradition of Indonesia nation. With the beauty of various design, the quality of natural color, also attractive motif that makes the traditional batik become very popular and be accepted not only by a lots of local community, but with the international community as well.

Batik has existed in Trusmi since the 14th century. An area that was has an arable land and many plants. One day the resident cut down the plants and suddenly the plants was growing back. Since that the village was named as Trusmi village, which means spring ever after. That is what the legend has told.

According to the history, the name of Trusmi is taken from the name of Ki Gede Trusmi an Islam religious leaders who became a loyal follower of Sunan gunung Jati, he was the one who teach the art of making batik, beside that he also spread the Islam religion through the village resident. Nowadays the village known as Trusmi Village, where most of the resident are become a craftsman who produce such a beautiful batik fabric.

Along with the main road which takes 1,5 km distances from Trusmi Village until Panembahan, there are a lots of batik showrooms. With a showroom nameplate that seems lined and decorate every buildings in along the road. The existing of these showrooms cannot be separated form the highly demands of the costumers, who comes from outside the town and looking for batik Trusmi as a part of batik Cirebon.

Trusmi village as the center of batik cirebonan, located in kecamatan plered sub-district, Cirebon regency, approximately 4 Km from city of Cirebon towards to the west of Bandung city. Beside as the center of batik industry, Trusmi Village is a maintained culinary attraction place. More less 3000 workers or batik craftsmen are living in that area, these craftsmen came through several districts that exist surrounds Trusmi village, such as Gemel village, Kaliwulu, Wotgali and Kalitengah.

 batik trusmi

In general, Batik Cirebon is apart of batik pesisir, but it also included in the group of batik keraton. Batik trusmi as a part of batik Cirebon has some several characteristics such as:

  1. It has a classic traditional design, commonly like wadasan motif and a decoration motif like clouds that is adapting with the main motif.
  2. It has characteristic with a back ground of fabric that has a brighter color compared to the color line of the main motif
  3. The base of fabric usually clean from black spot or the unexpected color caused by the wax usage
  4. The motif’s line is single and thin, more less 0,5 mm. and the line is darker compared to the background.
  5. Dominantly batik Cirebon use some colors like yellow, black and broken white as the basic color, and other part using dark red, blue, black with broken white as the basic color.

Those 5 characteristics are the technical supremacy from the traditional batik cirebonan.

However, batik presents the art and tradition representation from each homeland, every area has their own unique motif and also different ways to create batik. A lot of things can be explore from a piece of batik fabric, not only for the wardrobe or fashion usage, but nowadays it invade into the household and also interior production, no wonder if batik considered as the heritage of tradition that owned by nation of Indonesia.

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