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Authentic Dish from Indonesia Culinary at Lumpang Emas

The first time, when you set foot in Lumpang Emas, you will experience a traditional Indonesia ambiance, especially when you see the hanging pictures on the wall, which shows beautiful antiquity images of Indonesia culture and people. For the example, one of the walls features an image of traditional Javanese dancer, a woman who wearing a beautiful traditional dress, it all really shows that this tavern are carry all the tradition of Indonesia treasure. And with the clean and tidy concept, the restaurant has chosen white and grey as their wall’s color to create a comfort atmosphere.

Most important, this tavern has an unique name. Lumpang is known as mortar. Mortar is a container-shaped vessel made ​​of wood or stone to pound rice, coffee, or other processed ingredients. And there is Alu the pounder, this tool is made ​​of wood with the middle, tapering to a handle. And since the tavern named as Lumpang Emas, than this Mortar is made from gold or we can say it as a gold mortar. Such a unique name with an outstanding image of Indonesia traditional style.

The lunch was begin with 3 special main course that we shared to each other. Our today’s lunch menu was a plate of IDR 45.000,- Nasi Daun Jeruk,  an IDR 26.000,- Nasi Singaraja, and also an IDR 40.000,- Empal Gentong. And for the beverages we ordered iced lemon tea. The menu that this tavern provide are truly arouse our appetite, for awhile it was hard for us to make up our mind in choosing which menu that we want to enjoy, every dish looks tempting and attractive to taste.

While sometimes we need to choose a side dish as the companion to our rice, Nasi Daun Jeruk offers you a set of complete side dish that will satisfied your appetite, this healthier main course features with shredded of chicken meat, barbeque chicken, spicy jerky, a green chili squid, and remet nangka a minced of dried boiled young jackfruit with some unique seasoning on it. But the special part from this unique dish is the rice that made with an orange’s leaves as the seasoning, the taste of the orange leaves makes the rice really tasteful and rich flavour. Different with Nasi Daun Jeruk, Nasi Singaraja is an authentic dish from Bali, it absolutely offers you a tasty Balinese food experience, completed with urap, a mixed boiled vegetables blended in coconut grater, sate lilit or minced of meat satai, sour and sweet jerky, shredded fried potatoes with seasoning, and shredded spicy chicken meat. That side dish truly combined beautifully and become a very tasteful dish to enjoy for our lunch time.

food-lumpang emas


Last but not least the tasteful Empal Gentong, this kind of dish can be categorized as a soup dish, one of authentic food from Cirebon, made from a coconut milk and broth, and completed with slices of meat, and also a chops of union leaves and fried garlic that sprinkled on the top of the soup, to complete the taste experience from this dish, we have to enjoy it with a warm rice as the soup companion.


interior - lumpang emas


Lumpang Emas as an Indonesia tavern, located at jalan Panglima Polim IX, no.22 (Apotek jaya Building) South jakarta, we can make a reservation for a small gathering or meeting up to 50 person by booking first at 021-938 43332. The daily opening hour this tavern from 11 a.m. until 9 pm, and will be closed every Sunday.

Come and enjoy the authentic Indonesian cuisine !

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