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The Beauty of Sawarna Village

Banten Province truly has something to offer when we talk about a perfect destination to enjoy the beautiful scene on holiday, or maybe as the best place to escape from the hustle and bustle that overwhelmed our mind and body when we are living in the city life.

Sawarna Village


Many places are worthy to be visited in this province, but one of the place that caught the eyes of many tourists attention is a place called Sawarna village. Sawarna village could be sounds unfamiliar, but the place which located at Bayah sub-district, Lebak regency, Banten that not quite far from Pelabuhan Ratu region, has a something special to enjoyed, especially for every tourists who seeking for tranquility, peacefulness and a fantastic holiday.

This place really has many natural wealth to see, start from the beach named Sawarna beach, which is has their own magnificent view and a beautiful waves with overlay bright white sands. The rice fields that looks a like a green carpet that covered a part of village’s lands, the hills with the green trees that grew thick and gives a calm atmosphere. And the last thing is the cages that has become one of the tourist attractive place to visit, those all really beautify the place perfectly.

Its undeniable to visit this place is not an easy thing to reach, because beside of the location is far from the city, and also there is many of roads seems damaged and potholed.  But for sure since the location offers you many things to enjoy, all the exhausted and grumble will fade away by the appearance of Sawarna splendor.

Sawarna Village

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