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Pandansari Restaurant Brings an Authentic Traditional Jogja Atmosphere

pandansari logoThe name of Pandansari Restaurant has it own history value for the tourist who visiting Jogja. Located in the lobby of Hotel Santika Premiere Jogja, the place was known as a place to hanging out, and it was really phenomenal in era 1990’s with the culinary excellence that provide Bubur Ayam Santika. And with the new restaurant’s concept, the name of Bubur Ayam Santika has been changed to Bubur Angkringan Santika in the reason to reminds us about the history of  this beautiful place.

In the journey for almost 22 years restaurant operations, Pandansari Restaurant has created such an innovation to beautify their own restaurant in becoming more modern, elegance and fresh. In carrying a new concept of “Jogja in modern package” , it shows that the restaurant would providing the original Jogja cuisine with the modern atmosphere, starting from the simple interior concept but still showing some of Jogja elements such as batik truntum’s motif that attached in the wall of the restaurant.  With the typical Jogja ornaments and supported with the easy listening sounds of Pop kroncong music, it all will coddle the visitors to enjoy the typical atmosphere of Jogja.

The longing against the taste of typical Jogja culinary, and Indonesian culinary as in general will be treated well with the dishes menu that provided in the restaurant. The traditional menu has became the signature in Padansari restaurant, such as Ayam Kalasan, Sate Buntel, Brongkos, Nasi Goreng Bantul, Nasi Goreng Pandansari, and Sup Buntut Santika, and also the various menu in food stall that will waken the appetite, such as Gudeg, Mie Godhog, Tengkeleng, Bubur Santika with the various condiment, Various Soto like Soto Ayam Kampung, Soto Gebrak. As the closure a different kinds of beverages and desserts such as Es Cendol, Es dawet, Es Kelapa Muda will satisfied you in experienced the culinary moment in Pandansari Restaurant.

Beside as a perfect place to have a beautiful experience in having culinary, this place has become a perfect place as well to held a meeting with the clients, it proven with the facilities that the restaurant has provide. The restaurant can accommodate until 167 visitors, and it a suitable spot for regular social gathering, reunion, a birthday bash party with family and friends. The restaurant also equipped with internet WI-FI access for 24 hours non stop. and the best part after the visitor could probably pampered with the atmosphere and also with the culinary experiences, Pandansari Restaurant will shows you the excellent services through the friendly and warmest waiter and waitress, the visitor could experienced it all from the way how they welcoming the guest withsmiles and greetings as Santika Characteristic.

For reservation, please call (62-274)  563036 / 562743.

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