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Lumpia Durian – Crispy and Yet Melty Dessert











Talked about dessert, it always reminds us about sweetness and joyful moments that could put a smile on our face. Hotel Santika Tasikmalaya really knows well about how one simple dessert could possibly completed a moment of your dinning experiences, by creating an uniquely dessert called ‘Lumpia Durian”, the Chrysant Rooftop Lounge offering you an excitement of Indonesian authentic dessert, which taste crispy on the outside and melted on the inside.

Lumpia Durian is made from a common lumpia’s skin with a filling made from a durian crème paste. The skin which folded and sprinkled with panir flour which has been frozen in the freezer, and will be fried right away after the guest ordered it, just to maintain the texture of solid filling in the inside.

This kind of dessert should be consumed as soon as it served to get the best taste. The soft texture of warm and crispy lumpia’s skin collide with cold and melted creamy durian paste would give you the luxurious pleasure of dessert sensation.

Supported with a cozy atmosphere, a soft couch and comfort chairs, the guest inside of the lounge may enjoy the breeze of fresh air that waft through the outside of terrace lounge, Chrysant Rooftop Lounge is operated in the 9th floor of Hotel Santika Tasikmalaya which has become one of the highest hotel in town, with the 180° scenery of Tasikmalaya City view and also a glass wall surrounding the lounge, the place became an mainstay to comfort your eyes and offers you the beauty of day and night city view.







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