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Tour de Hotel: Santika Hotel Pandegiling – Surabaya by Raissa Gadri

It started a few days ago when my teacher, Mr. Okto contacted me via BBM to join the detik blogger event. Honestly I have never joined this kinda event. But that sounded interesting for me and fortunately I had my free time so then i agreed to join

First thing that we’ve done was the greetings from the official of Santika Hotel, they welcomed us nicely. then we started the trip around the hotel [sic]. Honestly, my first sense of this hotel were neat, clean, and comfortable. Based on the standard of 3 stars hotel, Santika Hotel has done more than its standard i think [sic]


Our hotel guide introduced us to the second level, where the meeting rooms and the hall placed. It has 5 types of halls. They are Bromo, Arjuna, Welirang, Anajasmoro, and Ijen. We, as the citizen of East Java, are very similar with these names [sic]. Yeah, they are the names of mountain in east java [sic]. He said, “yeah, the labeling of these rooms are based on the mountain of east java because this hotel is placed in east java. Then, the size of the room match with the order of the size of the mountains. we’ve known that Bromo is the largest, so we gave Bromo as the name of the room to the biggest room, and so did the rests” [sic].  In the front of Arjuna, Welirang, and Anjasmoro hall, there is a place for the food if the guest wanna do the coffee break. The specialities of Arjuna, Welirang, and Anjasmoro rooms are they can be merged as one big room.  The Ijen room can be used for more private meeting because it only contained several people.

Then we moved to the hotel room itself. We went to the tenth floor. We entered the deluxe executive type [sic]. The room was nice and clean. It has quite big bed. It is completed with plasma tv, which gives a more modern look for the room itself. The bathroom has a shower corner and also a bath tube, completed with the toilet [sic]. It was clean and can be seen that there was no error from the room. so if we stay there, we can get the comfortable feeling from it [sic]. And how about the securities of the room? No need to worry because they have the security camera. And if you left your belonging there, they will keep, call, and give it back to you. Amazing!

Then we continued to the relaxement corner that they have, which is the gym room and also massage treatment room. The gym room has several treadmill equipments and cycling. and the massage treatment was so peaceful [sic]. The aroma therapy smelled so good. it has 2 rooms for massage [sic]. The treatment will be given by the staff which must be god at massage [sic]. hmm wondering how relaxing it is..? come and feel it in your own [sic]

and we went to the restaurant [sic]. There, they gave us a bit welcoming speech and the introducing of the staffs there. In my own words, they are so well look [sic]. I think it is so important because it will give the sense of profesionality in their effort to the guests. The general manager was also come and joined us. The manager, the important staff, till the chef were introduced there. They are all so friendly too give us a more comfortable feelings too [sic]

and finally.. this is it [sic]! Lunch time :9 we were presented by many delicious food such as the ribs roasted, fried rice, fried noodle, veggies, salads, soup, and many more. but the thing which is interested me up was the desserts, the traditional foods [sic]. Yes, honestly, me as the Javanese people gets a little bit blurry knowledge about our own traditional foods. But this hotel, which advanced the “Nationalism” sight to the guests also represented it well until their food. Cendol and traditional porridge were served there. i ate that happily of course :p but so did the others hahahaaha :) ) [sic]

The last part was the closing and photo time ^^ we, the member from blogger, the staffs, and the General Manager itself took a photo at the lobby [sic]. We thanked for the very great chance that they had given to us. we hoped that this hotel still keep their good work, so they can be the number one three stars hotel in Indonesia [sic] you go for it Santika Hotel [sic]!


Note :

This post has taken from Raissa Gadri‘s blog. Many thanks to Raissa Gadri for giving us permission to re-post her writing. 

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