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Yogyakarta, City of Culture

As the centre of Javanese art and culture, Yogyakarta (also known as Jogjakarta or Jogja) has many fascinating sites to explore. Take a becak tour around the city centre to visit the Sultan’s Palace, a historical compound that is home to the ruling royal family. Then stroll along the famous Malioboro Street to buy unique handicrafts including batik textiles and traditionally inspired souvenirs.

Enjoy a day excursion to the ancient Buddhist temple of Borobudur that dates back to the 8th century and has been restored as a world heritage site. Prambanan is another sacred temple complex just 18 kilometres east of Jogja. It is dedicated to the Hindu trinity of Gods and is characterised by tall and pointed architecture. Every full moon visitors can watch a classical performance of the Ramayana ballet on an open stage against this magnificent backdrop.

Other places of interest include the village of Kasongan where traditional clay pottery can be purchased direct from local craftsmen. There is also a lively Bird Market showcasing collections of exotic birds and reptiles. And artistically inclined travellers can sign up for a short course in hand-made batik making or silver jewellery design for a personalised Jogja experience.

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